PMP Exam Set G – Q2

Jane is managing a complex industrial process reengineering project. She has identified all of her key project stakeholders and has conducted individual interviews with them to identify other project stakeholders as well. However, Jane is still not comfortable with her project’s stakeholders list as she believes there would be more key external stakeholders still missing

PMP Exam Set B – Q95 ( PMBOK 6th edition )

John’s project is in execution. During the monitoring and controlling of the project, John finds out that the current stakeholder engagement strategy needs to be thoroughly reviewed. He invites selected key stakeholders and some subject matter experts to brainstorm on new ideas and approaches that can be used. John is planning to facilitate the session

PMP Exam Set B – Q42

The Direct and Manage Project Work process has three tools and techniques. Two of them are Expert Judgment and Meetings. What is the third one? A. Scheduling SystemB. Configuration Management SystemC. Project Management Information SystemD. Change Control System Show Answer C. Project Management Information System