PMP Exam Set G – Q74

Product scope is measured against the product requirements whereas project scope is measured against: A. The WBS and WBS dictionaryB. The project scope statement and its associated WBS and WBS dictionaryC. The project requirements and WBS.D. The acceptance criteria Show Answer B. The project scope statement and its associated WBS and WBS dictionary

PMP Exam Set G – Q13 ( PMBOK 6th edition )

The Project Manager controls the interfacing and overlapping areas of the organization’s procurement processes, and the project schedule with processes from this area: A. Project Resource ManagementB. Project Scope ManagementC. Project Risk ManagementD. Project Integration Management Show Answer D. Project Integration Management

PMP Exam Set F – Q73

The WBS is a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team, to accomplish the project objectives. This is created as part of: A. Project Integration ManagementB. Project Scope ManagementC. Project Procurement ManagementD. Project Schedule Management Show Answer B. Project Scope Management

PMP Exam Set C – Q95

Project performance measurements are used to assess the magnitude of variation from the original scope baseline. Once the degree of scope variation is known, what step is performed next? A. Audit the project teamB. Upgrade the configuration management database with new controls.C. ReplanningD. Root cause analysis of the cause of the variance relative to the

PMP Exam Set C – Q66

You have completed a milestone in your software development project and you are now verifying that the product meets the specifications outlined in the project management plan. What process group is this process in? A. Quality ControlB. Monitor and ControllingC. ExecutingD. Planning Show Answer B. Monitor and Controlling

PMP Exam Set C – Q43

Which of the following documents will help trace the requirements to product design? A. Requirements traceability matrixB. Design traceability matrixC. Project scope statementD. Product traceability matrix Show Answer A. Requirements traceability matrix

PMP Exam Set B – Q82

During a weekly status meeting a team member suggests adding a component to the project. As the project manager, you indicate that all focus should be put on the current scope and don’t worry about any enhancements. Focusing on the current scope is an example of? A. Gold platingB. Scope verificationC. Scope managementD. Change control

PMP Exam Set A – Q93

As an experienced PMP, you have found that running a WBS meeting is tricky because you need to find a balance between decomposition and excessive decomposition. When items are excessively decomposed it leads all of the following, EXCEPT: A. It breaks the 100% rule.B. Inefficient use of resourcesC. Non productive management effortD. Decreased efficiency when

PMP Exam Set A – Q89

A complicated software project was authorized by a project sponsor. However, the users who were intended to use the product found it very difficult to articulate their requirements. What technique can be employed to elicit requirements for such a project? A. Job overlayingB. Hidden participantC. Job duplicationD. Job shadowing Show Answer D. Job shadowing