PMP Exam Set A – Q88

In a small office construction project, the following activities are scheduled in sequence.
i) Digging and pouring footings – 5 days
ii) Working on the slab and pouring – 3 days
iii) Framing the floor – 5 days
iv) Wall framing – 4 days
v) Roof framing – 6 days
vi) Insulation and drywall – 7 days
vii) Interior doors and trim – 3 days
viii) Hardware and fixtures – 2 days.

What is the minimum time to complete the project if all activities are on a critical path except number viii, and activity iii is delayed by 1 day?

A. 32 days
B. 33 days
C. 34 days
D. 35 days

C. 34 days