PMP Exam Set F – Q35

You’ve just completed a solid waste management project in an under-developed country. The contractor you are working for has a strict policy of abiding by local laws and rules, although the local resources working on the project have a much more lax approach to following laws and policies. Now at the end of the project, you are handing over the operational equipment to the local operators and disposing of the leftover inventory and other furniture which was used during the project. More than 50% of the toxic materials used during the project remains in your inventory. There is no law that would prohibit you from disposing of either the type or quantity of remaining materials in the local sewage system. What should you do?

A. Give the material to local resources to dispose of by selling it to a recycling facility.
B. Do not dispose of the materials improperly.
C. Dispose of the material in the local sewage system, as there is no law applicable here
D. Abandon the materials in the project facility you are handing over to the local operators.

B. Do not dispose of the materials improperly.