PMP Exam Set D – Q60

Changes in the projects are inevitable. So, project managers must develop or use a system to manage and control changes. There are four types of changes that need to be controlled in a project. Project changes, deliverable changes, process changes, and baseline changes. The impact of each of these changes must be evaluated and approved or rejected changes must be communicated to all stakeholders as and when required. Which of the following helps controlling the above mentioned changes?

A. Configuration control and Control chart
B. Configuration control and Change control
C. Control chart and Cost control
D. Change control and Control chart

B. Configuration control and Change control

PMP Exam Set B – Q86

The project manager of a large construction project is responsible for ensuring that all changes to the building plans are approved and tracked before they are implemented. These activities form part of which process?

A. Manage Scope
B. Perform Configuration Management
C. Perform Integrated change control
D. Perform Quality Control

C. Perform Integrated change control

PMP Exam Set A – Q76

Perform Integrated Change Control includes several configuration management activities. Which of the following is not part of Perform Integrated Change Control?

A. Change request
B. Configuration Verification
C. Configuration Status Accounting
D. Configuration Identification

A. Change request

PMP Exam Set A – Q22

During a weekly status meeting a team member suggests adding a component to the project. As the project manager, you indicate that all focus should be put on the current scope and don’t worry about any enhancements. Focusing on the current scope is an example of?

A. Gold plating
B. Scope verification
C. Scope management
D. Change control

C. Scope management