PMP Exam Set G – Q48 ( PMBOK 6th edition )

You have been chosen by a program management office (PMO) to write a purchase order for your expertise in business writing. You have learned that the PMO has already selected a seller for a software product and would like to award the procurement contract to the selected seller as a purchase order which you must prepare. In this scenario, the PMO is administering:

A. The control resources process
B. The control procurements process
C. The plan procurement management process
D. The conduct procurements process

D. The conduct procurements process

PMP Exam Set D – Q91 ( PMBOK 6th edition )

Peter is the project manager of an external project for a customer. The project is expected to take about a year to complete. Six months into the project, the customer informs Peter that the project needs to be scrapped. During which of the following processes would procedures be developed to handle early termination of a project?

A. Develop Project Charter
B. Close Project or Phase
C. Define Scope
D. Control Procurements

B. Close Project or Phase