PMP Exam Set G – Q77

The manager of a project, that your company is running in another country, is at the corporate headquarters for a company-wide project management meeting. During a break, you overhear the project manager discussing payments made to local municipal governments for construction permits for his project. Your company has a strict policy about paying or taking bribes. What should you do?

A. Report him to PMI.
B. Report him to his manager.
C. Notify his project stakeholders.
D. Do nothing.

D. Do nothing.

PMP Exam Set G – Q57

Your manager is presenting a status report of all projects being run in his division. He reports that all projects are showing a positive CV. However, you know that your status reports for the last several weeks have been reporting a negative CV. What do you do?

A. Do nothing.
B. Offer to review all your manager’s combined status reports before he presents them.
C. Notify the appropriate management immediately.
D. Ask your manager if that information was simply a typographical error.

C. Notify the appropriate management immediately.

PMP Exam Set C – Q100

You are the Project Manager of a large IT project. A manager from a company contracted to work on the project offers you free tickets to a local sporting event. The tickets are expensive but your organization has no formal policy regarding gifts. What is the BEST way to handle the offer?

A. Refuse the tickets and report the offer to your employer.
B. Accept the tickets but notify your employer.
C. Politely refuse the tickets.
D. Accept the tickets since there is no policy.

C. Politely refuse the tickets.