PMP Exam Set D – Q82

Emily works for a Federal agency that manages mission critical projects. As a project manager, she is responsible for all communication needs in her data center project, which has started recently. This project involves many stakeholders, customers, external vendors and team members. Since conflicts are inevitable in such a huge project, she has decided to provide her project team the details of the issue escalation process including the names of the chain of command to escalate the issues that cannot be resolved at a lower level. Emily must use the following document to store this information:

A. The project charter
B. The communication management plan
C. The issue log
D. The project scope document

B. The communication management plan

PMP Exam Set B – Q100

You are an inexperienced project manager who has been appointed to manage a project in a matrix organization. Because of this you can expect the communication in this project to be:

A. Open and Accurate
B. Easy to Automate
C. Simple
D. Complex

D. Complex

PMP Exam Set B – Q71

The key components of the basic model of communication between two parties are:

A. Encode, message, medium, noise, decode
B. Encode, send, receive, replicate, reply
C. Encode, send, receive, distribute, respond
D. Encode, send, interference, decipher, acknowledgment

A. Encode, message, medium, noise, decode