PMP Exam Set D – Q95

Bill and Jake are two team members in a project. They do not get on well, and are constantly involved in verbal fights. The project manager steps in to resolve the situation. As an experienced project manager, he understands the characteristics of conflict and the conflict management process. Which of the following is not a characteristic of conflict?

A. Openness resolves conflict
B. Conflict is natural and forces a search for alternatives
C. Conflict is inevitable in a project environment.
D. The project manager is not responsible for conflict management.

D. The project manager is not responsible for conflict management.

PMP Exam Set C – Q17

A project manager manages a distributed team with team members located in five countries. Due to time-zone differences, he is unable to find a time that is acceptable to all team members. Which conflict resolution technique is best suited for this situation?

A. Compromise
B. Force
C. Withdraw
D. Avoid

A. Compromise

PMP Exam Set B – Q25

A project manager would like to resolve conflicts with a give-and-take attitude rather than using a one-sided approach. Which of these approaches is he likely to use?

A. Forcing
B. Problem-solving
C. Directing
D. Withdrawing

B. Problem-solving

PMP Exam Set A – Q4

You are managing a project to design microprocessor control systems. The design work was estimated to complete in 3.5 months, with seven milestones. The sixth milestone is the prototype to be handed over to manufacturing. All milestones before prototyping have been completed ahead of schedule with 6th one being delayed for 4 months as the prototype has been sent back several times, due to conflicts between departments. You are now planning to hold a meeting to review the design specifications, and handle conflicts between design and manufacturing. Who is at fault?

A. The scheduler.
B. The project manager.
C. The manufacturer.
D. The design engineer.

B. The project manager.