PMP Exam Set G – Q48 ( PMBOK 6th edition )

You have been chosen by a program management office (PMO) to write a purchase order for your expertise in business writing. You have learned that the PMO has already selected a seller for a software product and would like to award the procurement contract to the selected seller as a purchase order which you must prepare. In this scenario, the PMO is administering:

A. The control resources process
B. The control procurements process
C. The plan procurement management process
D. The conduct procurements process

D. The conduct procurements process

PMP Exam Set F – Q62

You are managing a software development project. The project will involve working with a remote team. One of the requirements is to set up a secure communication link. The lead-time to setup the link is 45 days. Since the initial phase of the project involves requirements gathering, you feel that the link is required only after 3 months and are planning accordingly. You would typically do this planning activity in:

A. The Conduct Procurements process
B. The Define Activities process
C. The Plan Procurement Management process
D. The Control Procurements process

C. The Plan Procurement Management process

PMP Exam Set A – Q45 ( PMBOK 6th edition )

Gary is a project manager wrapping up the construction of a new office building. He creates several documents during this process. Which of the following is not applicable to the Control Procurements process?

A. Lessons learned documentation
B. Formal written notice of acceptance of deliverables
C. Closed contracts
D. Project charter

D. Project charter