PMP Exam Set G – Q29

A project manager is estimating the project duration and finds that the only information available to him is a previous project that was quite different from the current one. However, some portions of the previous project were similar to the current one. Which of the following tools is the project manager likely to use?

A. Analogous estimating
B. Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
C. Three-point estimates
D. Multicriteria decision analysis

A. Analogous estimating

PMP Exam Set C – Q44

You are analyzing the risk in a project and decide to do sensitivity analysis to determine which risks have the most potential impact on the project. You look at a tool to help compare the relative importance of variables that have a high degree of uncertainty to those that are more stable. One such tool is:

A. Beta Distribution
B. Multicriteria decision analysis
C. Control Chart
D. Tornado Diagram

D. Tornado Diagram