PMP Exam Set C – Q19

A project manager wants to understand a project goal in relation to the steps for getting to that goal. Which of the following is a useful method for contingency planning that aids a team in anticipating intermediate steps that could derail achievement of a project goal?

A. Affinity diagram
B. Process decision program charts (PDPC)
C. Interrelationship digraphs
D. Tree diagrams

B. Process decision program charts (PDPC)

PMP Exam Set A – Q43 ( PMBOK 6th edition )

A project team is participating in a brainstorming meeting for a project. The project is in the planning phase. The team is trying to determine the current and preferred project stakeholder engagement levels and analyzing the gaps between these two states. They are also discussing different approaches and strategies that can be adopted to close these gaps. This relates to which of the following processes?

A. Develop project charter
B. Monitor stakeholder engagement
C. Identify stakeholders
D. Plan stakeholder engagement

D. Plan stakeholder engagement