PMP Exam Set G – Q80

The selection of life cycle for the project, the processes to be applied to each phase, and the results of the tailoring by the project management team are usually found in the:

A. Project scope statement
B. Project management plan
C. Project schedule
D. Project charter

B. Project management plan

PMP Exam Set E – Q13

The Project Charter formally authorizes a project. Who authorizes the project charter?

A. The project manager
B. A project sponsor or initiator internal to the project
C. The user of the product
D. A project sponsor or initiator external to the project

D. A project sponsor or initiator external to the project

PMP Exam Set D – Q16

The list of identified risks is found in the risk register. However, the high-level risks are first listed in the:

A. Scope statement
B. Requirement document
C. Project charter
D. Risk management plan

C. Project charter

PMP Exam Set C – Q11

You took over a project from an individual who was let go. You are reading the project documentation and found the project charter was signed by five managers. What should be your primary concern at this time?

A. Determining reporting structure
B. Communicating in a matrix organization
C. Getting a single sponsor
D. Identifying who can represent the project for change control

C. Getting a single sponsor

PMP Exam Set B – Q55

You are the Project Manager for GeoThermal Systems. Which of the following must be done FIRST before proceeding with a new project?

A. Create the Project Scope Statement
B. Stakeholder analysis
C. Product analysis
D. Obtain Project Charter approval

D. Obtain Project Charter approval

PMP Exam Set B – Q23

You are the Project Manager for a large petroleum company and are in the process of writing the project charter for your sponsor. You have used the following as inputs except:

A. Business case for the project
B. Project statement of work
C. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
D. Project contract

C. Work breakdown structure (WBS)

PMP Exam Set A – Q13

You are managing a highly complex drug manufacturing project and your sponsor is highly motivated and influential. You are optimistic about the outcome of the project, however, you are not sure about the project approval requirements that measure the success of the project. So, you would like to document the name of the person who signs off on the project, and the criteria that constitutes the success of the project. Which of the following documents should you use first to incorporate project approval requirements?

A. The scope document
B. The project charter
C. The approval requirement plan
D. The project management plan

B. The project charter