PMP Exam Set C – Q94

You are the Project Manager for Motor Cars, Corp. You are working on a project for the Human Resources department that is scheduled to take one year. After three months into the project, you calculate the EV at $35,000 and the PV at $45,000. Which option below represents the value for the SV?

A. -$10,000
B. 1.29
C. 0.78
D. $10,000

A. -$10,000

PMP Exam Set C – Q48

Costs incurred in one area of a project can offset costs in another area of the same project. However, it is not the best practice to consider only the costs of project execution when making project decisions. What must also be considered?

A. Costs of non-conformance
B. Planning costs
C. Operating costs
D. Initiating costs

C. Operating costs

PMP Exam Set C – Q36

A project uses rounding of activity estimates data to the nearest $100, uses staff hours as the unit of measure for resources, and has a variance threshold of 10% deviation from the baseline plan. These would be typically documented in the:

A. Cost management plan
B. Scope Statement
D. Project charter

A. Cost management plan

PMP Exam Set B – Q70

Peter, a project manager, is updating the status of his project. Based on the performance indices, he expects the project to finish a month earlier than the planned finish date. However, he expects the project to exceed the budgeted costs. What can you say about the schedule performance index (SPI) of the project?

A. The SPI is less than 1.0.
B. The SPI equals the CPI.
C. The SPI is greater than 1.0.
D. The SPI is equal to 1.0.

C. The SPI is greater than 1.0.

PMP Exam Set B – Q64

While managing a large project, the project manager decided to include indirect costs as part of his cost estimate. If indirect costs are included in an estimate which of the following is true?

A. Indirect costs should be included at the activity level or higher levels.
B. Indirect costs must be included at the activity level only.
C. Indirect costs should only be included in earned value measurements and not in cost estimates.
D. Indirect costs should not be included in cost estimates.

A. Indirect costs should be included at the activity level or higher levels.

PMP Exam Set B – Q33

The cost of running a project management office is an example of what type of cost?

A. Reimbursable
B. Fixed
C. Direct
D. Indirect

D. Indirect

PMP Exam Set B – Q26

Large variations in the periodic expenditure of funds are undesirable for organizational operations. Therefore the expenditure of funds is frequently reconciled with the disbursement of funds for the project. According to the PMBOK, this is known as:

A. Disbursement reconciliation
B. Expenditure Reconciliation
C. Budget Reconciliation
D. Funding Limit Reconciliation

D. Funding Limit Reconciliation

PMP Exam Set B – Q11

As part of the Estimate Costs process, a project manager obtained access to certain commercially available databases to get resource cost rate information. What type of input is such published commercial information considered as?

A. Enterprise environmental factor
B. Historical information
C. Organizational process asset
D. HR Input

A. Enterprise environmental factor