PMP Exam Set C – Q81

As the Project Manager on the construction of a new hotel you have developed a project management plan that you believe is realistic and will be formally approved. The organizational assets that influenced the development of the plan may include all of the following except:

A. Project management plan templates
B. Risk register from a past project
C. Change control procedures
D. Business case for the project

D. Business case for the project

PMP Exam Set C – Q62

You have been asked by your project manager to help them create a chart that illustrates the project resources that will be working on each work package. What would be the best type of chart to use?

A. Milestone chart
B. RACI chart
C. Project organization chart

B. RACI chart

PMP Exam Set A – Q13

You are managing a highly complex drug manufacturing project and your sponsor is highly motivated and influential. You are optimistic about the outcome of the project, however, you are not sure about the project approval requirements that measure the success of the project. So, you would like to document the name of the person who signs off on the project, and the criteria that constitutes the success of the project. Which of the following documents should you use first to incorporate project approval requirements?

A. The scope document
B. The project charter
C. The approval requirement plan
D. The project management plan

B. The project charter

PMP Exam Set A – Q2

Your manager has asked you to include the Human Resource Management Plan and the Schedule Management Plan in your Project Management Plan. Is this the appropriate place for these items?

A. No, these are stand alone documents only.
B. Yes, you should unquestioningly include anything your manager suggests.
C. No, these documents should not be created until later in the project.
D. Yes, include them in the Project Management Plan.

D. Yes, include them in the Project Management Plan.