PMP Exam Set G – Q95

You are the project manager of a project and are about to conduct a risk identification exercise in a few days’ time. You would like to proactively remind the participants in the exercise of the various sources from which risk may arise in the project. What could you use to help you do this?

A. A Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS)
B. A Risk Simulation Structure (RSS)
C. A Risk Register
D. An Impact Matrix

A. A Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS)

PMP Exam Set G – Q58

Peter is managing a software development project. The buyer of the product is an external entity. During the execution of the project, Peter finds out that a new operations manager has been hired in the customer organization. The new manager is now a key stakeholder of the project. Which of the following documents is least likely to get updated as a result of the addition of this new stakeholder?

A. Stakeholder register
B. Risk register
C. Stakeholder management plan
D. Issue log

D. Issue log

PMP Exam Set D – Q16

The list of identified risks is found in the risk register. However, the high-level risks are first listed in the:

A. Scope statement
B. Requirement document
C. Project charter
D. Risk management plan

C. Project charter

PMP Exam Set B – Q62

Emily is a project manager managing a town-development project. Emily has set up a series of interviews with various stakeholders to gather some experiential and historical information on risks. Which phase is this likely to happen in?

A. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
B. Plan Risk Responses
C. Understand Risks
D. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

A. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

PMP Exam Set B – Q53

A senior project manager advises a first-time project manager that identifying risks is just one step. On a continuous basis, new risks need to be identified, and existing risks need to be analyzed, tracked and their status reported. All this is done as part of what process?

A. Direct and Manage Project Work
B. Monitor and Control Project Work
C. Perform Integrated Change Control
D. Plan Risk Management

B. Monitor and Control Project Work

PMP Exam Set A – Q80

During the Plan Risk Management process, assigning ___________ will help you and the project team identify all important risks and work more effectively during the identification process.

A. risk factors
B. blame
C. risk mitigation plans
D. risk categories

D. risk categories

PMP Exam Set A – Q64

Risk identification checklists are usually developed based on historical information and knowledge accumulated from previous similar projects. Which of the following statements about risk identification checklists is wrong?

A. It is impossible to build an exhaustive checklist.
B. The lowest level of the Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS) cannot be used as a risk checklist
C. Quick and simple risk checklists are the least effective ones.
D. Risk checklists should be reviewed during project closure.

B. The lowest level of the Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS) cannot be used as a risk checklist