PMP Exam Set G – Q92

Emily is managing the construction of a new office facility for her company. The project is half way through the execution. The project sponsor has asked Emily to ensure that all they key project stakeholders are still committed to the project. How can Emily assess the stakeholders’ current engagement levels?

A. By analyzing the most recent issue register
B. By reviewing the Stakeholders Engagement Assessment Matrix last updated during the planning phase of the project
C. By requesting the key stakeholders to submit a signed declaration of commitment
D. By communicating and interacting with the key stakeholders

D. By communicating and interacting with the key stakeholders

PMP Exam Set D – Q1

John is the project documents controller for a multi-million dollar telecom network deployment project. John has just received a document from the project manager. This document contains the project stakeholders’ communication requirements for the current project phase. John should update which of the following project documents with this information?

A. Work breakdown structure
B. Stakeholders engagement assessment matrix
C. Stakeholder management plan
D. Stakeholder register

C. Stakeholder management plan