PMP Exam Set G – Q18

Emily is worried about her project because many of her tasks are slowly moving and two critical tasks may have the chance of slippage. She conducts a thorough resource analysis and finds out that there are five resources who will be free next week. She would like to use this as an opportunity to assign those resources to finish her tasks early and prevent the project completion date from slipping. This is an example of?

A. Management reserves
B. Resource leveling
C. Crashing
D. Fast tracking

C. Crashing

PMP Exam Set G – Q5

You are managing a heavy equipment manufacturing project that involves many mechanical, electrical as well as IT staff. Your team prepared a schedule network diagram using duration estimates with dependencies and constraints. Your team also calculated the critical path for the project using late and early values. Today, your project office has indicated about the non-availability of some of the resources you planned for the project. Now, you explore the possibility of modifying the schedule to account for limited resources. What is your best possible step in such a situation?

A. Recalculate critical path using the critical chain method
B. Perform resource leveling to account for limited resources
C. Use crashing or fast tracking to level resources across the project
D. Apply leads and lags to develop a viable schedule

A. Recalculate critical path using the critical chain method