PMP Exam Set G – Q100

Jane has just started the Identify Stakeholders process for her project. She is currently looking for a template for the stakeholder register so that she doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Where can she find stakeholder register templates? A. Organizational process assetsB. Project charterC. Project management planD. Enterprise environmental factors Show Answer A. Organizational process

PMP Exam Set G – Q96

You have recently taken over a troubled automobile project which has gone out of control. The project team missed many deadlines and stakeholders were not happy with the project progress. As an experienced project manager, your first priority is to bring the schedule into alignment with the project plan. You would like to use what-if

PMP Exam Set G – Q94

A buyer and seller are looking at getting into a long-term relationship spanning over 10 years. Both parties would like to be protected from the unstable financial conditions of the country that are beyond their control. What type of contract is appropriate for such a relationship? A. Fixed Price Incentive Fee (FPIF)B. Firm Fixed Price