PMP Exam Set B – Q44

If you want to compress a project schedule, what are two of the recommended alternatives to consider?

A. Fast Tracking and Schedule Network Analysis
B. Crashing and Fast Tracking
C. Resource Leveling and What-If Scenario Analysis
D. Crashing and Schedule Network Analysis

B. Crashing and Fast Tracking

PMP Exam Set B – Q19

Due to the unexpected release of a similar product from a competitor, the Widgets International executive team has stepped up the pressure on the product team to release the Widget product 3 months earlier. The project manager uses what technique to shorten the schedule but maintain the project scope?

A. Schedule compression
B. Rolling wave planning
C. Schedule network analysis
D. Schedule management planning

A. Schedule compression

PMP Exam Set A – Q63

While developing the project schedule, you find that the completion of a successor activity depends on the completion of its predecessor activity. What is this dependency called?

A. Start-to-Finish
B. Start-to-Start
C. Finish-to-Start
D. Finish-to-Finish

D. Finish-to-Finish

PMP Exam Set A – Q56

Sometimes the broader, more comprehensive summary activity is also referred to as:

A. Critical Activity
B. Hammock Activity
C. Milestone
D. Group Task

B. Hammock Activity

PMP Exam Set A – Q54

All of the following are tools of the Control Schedule process EXCEPT:

A. Parametric estimating
B. Modeling techniques
C. Schedule compression
D. Leads and lags

A. Parametric estimating

PMP Exam Set A – Q51

Which of these precedence relationships is least commonly used in Precedence Diagramming Method?

A. Start to Start
B. Finish to Finish
C. Finish to Start
D. Start to Finish

D. Start to Finish