PMP Exam Set G – Q87

As a project manager, you are performing various project performance measurements to assess the magnitude of variation. You then attempt to determine the cause and decide whether corrective action is required. This would be known as: A. Scope AnalysisB. Variance AnalysisC. Performance ReportingD. Configuration Management Show Answer B. Variance Analysis

PMP Exam Set D – Q86

Variance analysis refers to cost performance measurements used to assess the magnitude of variation in comparison to the original cost baseline. What is the trend on the percentage range of acceptable variances as the project progresses? A. The percentage range of acceptable variances will tend to decrease as the project progresses.B. The percentage range of

PMP Exam Set A – Q42

The project management team expects that during the course of the project, there could be delays in component delivery due to strikes, changes to the permitting processes or extensions of specific engineering durations. What analysis will help come up with contingency and response plans to mitigate these? A. Contingency analysisB. Variance analysisC. What-If scenario analysis.D.