PMP Exam Set C – Q91

A project is contracted as a Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF) type of contract with a fee of 10% of estimated costs. The estimated cost is US$ 50,000. If the project comes in at US$ 75,000 with no changes in project scope, what would be the total cost of the contract?

A. US$ 55,000
B. US$ 125,000
C. US$ 75,000
D. US$ 80,000

D. US$ 80,000

PMP Exam Set B – Q75

Your Vice President has asked you what the Estimate at Completion is going to be for a small project you are working on. You were given a budget of $30,000, and to date you have spent $20,000 but only completed $10,000 worth of work. You are sure that the future work will be accomplished at the planned rate.

A. $40,000
B. $30,000
C. $60,000
D. $10,000

A. $40,000

PMP Exam Set B – Q69

Which of the following methods of forecasting EAC and ETC is the most accurate?

A. ETC based on CPI
B. ETC based on BAC
C. ETC based on CPI and SPI
D. ETC based on new estimate

D. ETC based on new estimate

PMP Exam Set A – Q91

As part of EVM, a project manager is calculating the to-complete performance index (TCPI) based on EAC. The data that he has is: the budget at completion for the project is $ 100,000, the earned value for the project is $ 25,000, the actual costs to date are 40,000 and the estimate at completion is $ 115,000. What is the TCPI that he will obtain?

A. 1.1
B. 0.9
C. 1
D. 0

C. 1

PMP Exam Set A – Q48

Project costs are estimated for all project activities and aggregated to establish a cost baseline. Which of the following statements about the cost baseline is NOT true?

A. The project cost performance is measured against the cost baseline
B. The cost baseline is an output of the determine budget process
C. The cost baseline includes all authorized budgets including management reserves
D. The cost baseline is in the form of an ‘S’ curve

C. The cost baseline includes all authorized budgets including management reserves

PMP Exam Set A – Q47

You are the Project Manager for KT’s Lumber Yard. You are trying to forecast estimates for the last phase of the project you are currently working on. Based on the performance of the project to date, which formula can be used to estimate the total value of the project when completed assuming similar variances will not occur?

B. SV = EV – PV
D. EAC = AC + BAC – EV

D. EAC = AC + BAC – EV

PMP Exam Set A – Q31

Bottom-up Cost estimating is typically motivated by the size and complexity of:

A. The project management software
B. The statistical relationship between historical data and other variables
C. The project budget.
D. The individual schedule activity or work package

D. The individual schedule activity or work package