PMP Exam Set G – Q12

John, a project manager, for Code Crashers Inc. has been assigned a project where he must lead a group of inexperienced programmers in developing a software package that creates Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for a chemical company. This is very similar to a project that his colleague, Peter, worked on in 2006, with some junior programmers. If John needs to come up with a rough order of magnitude estimate, what tool or technique should he use?

A. Parametric Estimating
B. Bottom Up Estimating
C. Three-point estimate
D. Analogous Estimating

D. Analogous Estimating

PMP Exam Set F – Q57

You are in the initiation phase of your project and believe the project can be completed for $100,000. However, you are an experienced project manager and know that many things can happen between the initiation phase and the closure of the project. You have provided an estimate in the project charter of $75,000 – $175,000. This is an example of?

A. Narrow Estimate
B. Absolute Estimate
C. Rough Order of Magnitude Estimate
D. True Estimate

C. Rough Order of Magnitude Estimate