PMP Exam Set G – Q90

You are a certified PMP, and have been contact by PMI as part of an investigation they are conducting into allegations of improper conduct by your manager, also a PMP. A complaint has been filed stating that your manager has received bribes related to a large procurement contract on another project. PMI has asked if

PMP Exam Set G – Q88

Midway through a project, a project manager determined that the project was running way behind schedule. If the project manager needs to shorten the project schedule, without changing the project scope, which of the following schedule compression techniques could be applied? A. CrashingB. Reserve AnalysisC. ForecastingD. Last Tracking Show Answer A. Crashing

PMP Exam Set G – Q87

As a project manager, you are performing various project performance measurements to assess the magnitude of variation. You then attempt to determine the cause and decide whether corrective action is required. This would be known as: A. Scope AnalysisB. Variance AnalysisC. Performance ReportingD. Configuration Management Show Answer B. Variance Analysis

PMP Exam Set G – Q85

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is a non-proprietary approach to Quality Management. This is an analytical procedure in which: A. The effect of varying the various parameters that make up a process is determined by trying out various combinations of the parameters.B. Each potential failure mode in every component of a product is analyzed

PMP Exam Set G – Q84

Jane is the project manager for a healthcare facility construction project. She is currently holding a board briefing and updating the project’s current status to the board members. When Jane was presenting her project risks, the chairman suggested some preventive actions. What should Jane do first? A. Jane should politely deny the requestB. Jane should

PMP Exam Set G – Q83

During the course of the project, the project management team developed a forecast for the estimate at completion (EAC) based on the project performance. Which of the following statements about EAC is correct? A. The EAC forecast based on the Bottom-up estimate to complete (ETC) requires a new estimate.B. The EAC forecast is best estimated

PMP Exam Set G – Q82

You are managing a medium sized construction project, and are reviewing some invoices from the electrical contractor. You see that materials not required for your project have been included on the invoice. After making a few phone calls it becomes clear that one of your project resources asked one of the vendor’s staff to add