PMP Exam Set G – Q2

Jane is managing a complex industrial process reengineering project. She has identified all of her key project stakeholders and has conducted individual interviews with them to identify other project stakeholders as well. However, Jane is still not comfortable with her project’s stakeholders list as she believes there would be more key external stakeholders still missing from the list. What can help Jane in this situation?

A. Use stakeholder register templates from the organizational process assets.
B. Conduct more meetings with the key stakeholders.
C. Jane needs to get over her fear and finalize the project stakeholder register.
D. Seek expert judgment from subject matter experts.

D. Seek expert judgment from subject matter experts.

PMP Exam Set A – Q30

A key project in an organization has been ignored due to high travel expenses associated with the movement of subject matter experts and other specialists across various project locations. Which of the following will permit such a project to be taken up in a cost-efficient manner?

A. Management sign-off
B. Negotiation
C. Virtual teams
D. Co-location

C. Virtual teams